The Almost Grown-up Herself

Settle in for an epic tale, my friends:  Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, (depending on where you live, I guess), a little girl was born.  She was shy, timid, and something of a little princess.  So hey.  Let's call her Princess Jen.  Why not? this is my version of reality after all.

No, in all seriousness, my name's Jen and while I tend towards priss at times, I'm no princess.

I'm from South Florida, I like to bargain shop, I am a lazy cook, I tend towards weeks of bingeing followed almost immediately after by weeks of diet and exercise, I prefer romantic comedies, I love to travel, I am addicted to far too many T.V. shows, I have a grammar "thing," I'm addicted to chapstick, and well, the list goes on.

Oh.  And I've been reading and writing with varying degrees of seriousness for pretty much as long as I can remember.  I've always loved to read.  When I was about eight, I "tiled" my bedroom floor with all of my books.  When I was sent to my room with a punishment of no television, I'd shout back "FINE!  I'LL JUST READ!" in retaliation.  These days, my library card is among my more prized possessions and one of my fondest dreams is to be able to devote an room (or hey, if we're dreaming big, a wing) in my house to a library lined with bookshelves.

And on those bookshelves I would love to be able to look at my own published works.  Just like I've always read, I've always written.  From my earliest works of art that consisted of approximately three sentences, to my elementary school works featuring my mother as a Nancy Drew wanna-be, to my family newsletter, to work on a literary magazine, to my high school yearbook staff, to fanfiction, to Creative Writing coursework...

Well.  Obviously this is another list could go on for a while.  I mean, I did say "always."

At any rate, I'm an alumna of UCF where I got my B.A. and Kappa Kappa Gamma.  I held leadership positions in Kappa and the Greek community during my time at UCF and was also named Sigma Nu's 2010 Fraternity Sweetheart.  I had a whopping one internship, and spent the majority of my time trying not to be the person that I was in high school (read: the boring person that I was in high school).  I have my B.A. (which I believe to stand for both Bachelor of Arts and Bad-Ass, thankyouverymuch) in English: Creative Writing.

These days I'm trying to write.  Shocker.  I want to freelance, I'm writing my first novel, and I blog like a mofo (however that might be).  I'm a host at Logan's Roadhouse, and I blog about pretty much anything that crosses my mind or catches my attention.

Hope you enjoy the ride!
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