I wanted to do something a little different for Kel, but I can’t draw… and I’ve never written anything in the Tortall universe before. But I can read the hell out of some fanfics.

I used PierceFest as an excuse to comb through An Archive of Our Own for some quality Protector of the Small fics to share with you all. Now that we’ve gone through the entire quartet together, I hope you enjoy continuing on through ‘fic in Kel’s world. Here are my finds!

*Note: Fics rated for General Audiences, and/or Teens

Your Note Underneath My Door by Tashlae- “Sometimes, you can see a relationship form through scraps of paper.” Kel/Dom

The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows by Tashlae- “It started almost by accident- they collided, like an apple hitting the ground after a fall or perhaps a punch to the face.” Kel/Dom

Every Room You Lay Your Head by Kudzita- “‘But that’s the thing – it’s not that simple, Kel, because people don’t work like that. It’s too easy to miss when you’re not thinking of someone that way.’ In which, as usual, Kel notices and Dom doesn’t.” Kel/Dom

Sacrifice by Thankyouturtle- “Their relationship is unusual. But it works for them.” Kel/Dom

The Commander’s Lady by Pennigirl- “A new recruit discusses the romance of the commander with the men of the Own.” Kel/Dom

Seasons by Tamari- “Sometimes, it just isn’t meant to last, and that should be okay. Kel/Dom, with no happy ending.”

Happily Ever After by Redcat512- “Pretty girls always find a prince to sweep them off their feet. Somehow Kel always knew she wasn’t one of them, and Cleon was never HER prince.” Kel/Dom

Weather the Storm by Lisafer- “Neal can’t help but explore the “what ifs” in life, and one of those is in regard to Kel.” Kel/Neal

Almost by Tamari- “Neal and Kel serve at a party during their squire years. An almost-romance.” Kel/Neal

Overheard Whispers by Lisafer- “Neal’s eavesdropping days might come to an end…” Humor. No pairing

Three Times is a Trend by TheSecondBatgirl- “Once is a fluke. Twice is a coincidence. But three Lady Knights is a trend.” No pairing

Proof of Humanity by Journeycat- “One careless remark by Neal changes the course of Tobe’s life and finds a tentative hold in his impressionable young mind.” No pairing

Of Valor by Temaris- “Two small girls with big dreams.” No pairing