Woohoo! It’s time for Mini Bloggiesta!

Basically, Bloggiesta in all of its forms is a chance to improve our blogs. This mini version starts today (February 2nd) and ends tomorrow (February 3rd) at midnight EST.

Things I’d like to accomplish today/tomorrow:

-Improve SEO (via a plug-in since I’m not so skilled in such things) on at least 5 old posts

-Add links to other blogger’s reviews on at least 5 reviews

-Remove any outdated buttons from my sidebar

-Update some plug-ins

-Add ten reviews to Amazon or other sites (via the Mini Challenge from Chick Loves Lit)

-Visit ten other participating blogs

Unfortunately… that’s kind of it for me. I may update this to incorporate other mini challenges, but this weekend wound up much busier than I expected. In the way of blog/internetdom/bookishness, etc, I also need to:

-Format a blog tour post

-Draft 2 reviews

-Record and edit a “BookTube” review

-Record and edit a YouTube video

-Work on my Work In Progress revisions

And of course, random reality has stolen in to ensure that I don’t have very much time for any of this.


-Friend’s birthday shenanigans

-WICKED (which can steal my time whenever it likes, actually)

-And a baby-sitting job

Are you guys participating in Mini Bloggiesta? Are your goals more or less ambitious than mine?