Confession: I don’t make it out to my “local” indie as much as I should.

Unfortunately it’s a good hour to an hour and a half drive, so I only make the drive for some events. But, I’m going to expand upon my love for them after the event that they held last night.

Books & Books & Books

My local indie is called Books & Books and well… they are glorious. They have a few locations, but the one where most of the YA events occur is in Coral Gables. When you walk up, you’re greeted by an adorable outdoor cafe. They occasionally have a live band playing there. And the inside is equally beautiful. Obviously it’s filled with LOTS of books, but the shelves aren’t too tall, so the inside is open and infinitely more welcoming. It’s less claustrophobic than floors taken up by rows and rows of tall shelves, I think.

Bloggers milling about the inside of Books & Books

The other day, Books & Books was also awesome enough to invite local bloggers out to have some event input, talk about books and the importance of indies, and hear about some of their plans. Not only was it lovely to have this kind of conversation “IRL,” which I so rarely get to do, but I also got to meet some other bloggers from South Florida, like two of the ladies from The Cozy Armchair blog.

In between discussion, they fed us some yummy hummus and cookies, raffled off some books that are a little harder to get, and at the end, gave away an entire table full of galleys.


Becky, the event coordinator, raffles off a set Penguin’s Breathless Reads!

Support your local indie if you have one, guys. I try to at least buy one book when I go to a signing that they host (Plus, it’s just good manners). I don’t know about in your area, but in mine, the big chains just don’t reach out like THIS:

Books & Books indeed.

LOOKEE what I got!

Thanks, Books & Books for a great event! I had  a wonderful time.

Indie love.

Click me for a corresponding video on this meet-up. I essentially say the same things, but you know. If you like videos.