Camp Wordsmith is a weekly venture in which Angel of Mermaid Vision Books, Christa of Hooked on Books, and I post about our work in writing over the past week. We’ll also discuss various issues to do with craft. The goals here are simple. We want to write, so we’re making a public effort before all of our followers and readers to do so. And by the end? We hope to make it a little closer to our dreams of being published.

Week: I have no idea

Stage: Second draft and revisions

Total word count: Roughly 54000

I have been incredible lax about updating my progress for Camp Wordsmith. But I’m happy to say that I have finished my first draft!

However, my plot is a disaster.

So now the real work begins. I’m working on improving the flow and pacing, eliminating unnecessary plot elements, adding necessary ones, and all the usual goodness that comes with revisions. With luck and a WHOLE lot of work, I’ll have a second draft before long and I’ll be sure I do another Camp Wordsmith post!

Especially as I want to work on it in depth during Write On Con. ;)