Camp Wordsmith is a weekly venture in which Angel of Mermaid Vision Books, Christa of Hooked on Books, and I post about our work in writing over the past week. We’ll also discuss various issues to do with craft. The goals here are simple. We want to write, so we’re making a public effort before all of our followers and readers to do so. And by the end? We hope to make it a little closer to our dreams of being published.

Week 20
Stage: First draft and planning
Week’s Word Count: 8000
Total Word Count: 42000


I have been to Panera twice, given the library a shot as a writing location (this one, at least was not for me) and word-warred. I have made Write or Die my new sadistic best friend.

And that is why blog reviews have suffered this past week and may fall by the wayside again until this draft is completed. My internships and writing have to be prioritized far above the blog, unfortunately, but hopefully I’ll be caught up on my reading for one of my internships in the next couple days and things should return somewhat to normal.

This draft is going to be done by BEA, guys. IT’S HAPPENING.