Camp Wordsmith is a weekly venture in which Angel of Mermaid Vision Books, Christa of Hooked on Books, and I post about our work in writing over the past week. We’ll also discuss various issues to do with craft. The goals here are simple. We want to write, so we’re making a public effort before all of our followers and readers to do so. And by the end? We hope to make it a little closer to our dreams of being published.

Week 19
Stage: First draft and planning
Week’s Word Count: Like… 2000? It’s hard to tell since I’ve SUCKED at progress reporting
Total Word Count: 34000

I have been the worst updater ever. BUT I think I’m back in the game.

Things that made me productive this week:

1) Panera Bread- I had a lovely sandwich, tucked myself in a corner with an outlet and wrote away for a couple of hours. Wore my typewriter necklace for a little fashion motivation too ;)

2) Write or Die- Nothing like a chorus of “Mmm, Bop” to set your fingers frantically typing away.

3) The desire to have a 1st draft by BEA which less than a month away. Based on the scenes that I know I have left to write (An entire “act!”) I’d estimate that I’ve currently got the bare bones of 1/2-2/3 written. So if I want this to happen, I’d better get my rear in gear.

I’ve also set myself a deadline on a smaller project as well, so here’s hoping I can accomplish both!