Title: Paper Towns

Author: John Green

Published October 16th 2008 by Dutton Juvenile

Goodreads summary:

When Margo Roth Spiegelman beckons Quentin Jacobsen in the middle of the night – dressed like a ninja and plotting an ingenious campaign of revenge – he follows her. Margo’s always planned extravagantly, and, until now, she’s always planned solo. After a lifetime of loving Margo from afar, things are finally looking up for Q . . . until day breaks and she has vanished. Always an enigma, Margo has now become a mystery. But there are clues. And they’re for Q.


Yayyyy, John Green, yayyyyy! I’m slowly working my way through his fabulous books.

In Paper Towns, you’ve got the characteristic Green wit that makes for some truly laugh out loud funny scenes. As in, don’t drink a soda while you’re reading this book because it will be coming out of your nose when you snort from sudden laughter and lord that carbonation BURNS YOUR NOSTRILS–

–What was I saying?

RIGHT, Green’s wit. It shines. Particularly in the road trip scene– I think I was actually crying from laughing at one point. It is fabulous and even if I can’t ALWAYS picture people actually saying these hilarious things, it makes me want to be these character’s best friends.

John Green’s talent is absolutely astonishing. In Paper Towns, he weaves in literature/poetry absolutely seamlessly. It is essential to the plot and it doesn’t feel forced or fake. It just FITS.¬†I think I could sit and read for years, I could be the most well-read person on the planet and still I wouldn’t be able to fit poetry or literature in so perfectly or meaningfully to connect with my characters or situations. Green is absolutely brilliant.

To further make the point that he’s got a crazy amazing brain, Green brings up the idea of being in love with someone versus being in love with the idea of them, and holy brain boggler, Batman, aren’t we all guilty of that? From celebrity crushes to how we think a person is. Unless we get to know their true selves, are we in love with them or the idea of them?

Overall rating: 4/5. Really wonderful book. Definitely want to add it to my shelves one of these days. If you like the sound of a hilarious, yet serious contemporary novel with a male protagonist, look no further.