So I’m trying something new, and attempting to post something regarding writing on Wednesdays. We’ll see how long I keep this up.

Today’s Writing Wednesday topic was inspired by a recent grammatical error that I made simply because I didn’t know any better. Lucky you, I’m spreading the good word (Ah, see how I make puns?).

The blond(e) issue. And I’m not referring to the issue of bad blonde jokes. I’m talking about the gender identification between the words “blond” and “blonde.”

Blonde actually refers exclusively to women, while blond (when missing the e) usually refers to a man. Blond when referring to a woman is not technically wrong, but blonde is preferred. Blond can also refer to character who you have not yet revealed, where your reader may be uncertain of his/her gender.

You would also use the term “blonds” when referring to a pair or more of blonds that consist of at least 1 male and 1 female, i.e. mixed gender. If it’s multiple women (and only women), use the word “blondes.”

The jist? Blonde for girls, blond for boys (Thanks, Tamara Felsinger!)

Some other fun ways to say blond are: tow-headed, platinum, golden, flaxen, sandy, fair-haired, bleached, champagne, straw, and… well, the list goes on. Be creative! But remember that many of these terms are particular to certain shades of blond, so be sure that you’re using them correctly.