Ok, so this cake was for my graduation,
not my Blogiversary.  It still works!

You guys, I am a bad blogger.

I missed my first “Blogiversary” by 4 whole days.  It was August 4, 2009 when I started this blog.

But I’ll do the post on that whole shebang now.

Granted this blog hasn’t done anything crazy like spring to 1,000 followers or anything like that.  And I don’t blog about my deeply personal life too much, so it isn’t as though it was “there for me” during some tough times.  But in a way it was.  It gave me something to do, something else to focus on.  It reminded me that I really do like writing, and that I want to figure out a way to make that my life.  I’ve started joining blog communities like 20SB and The Lady Bloggers to connect with other bloggers and figure out how to improve my own blog. And I make it a point to post more, whereas before I sort of just posted if I thought of something random (Now I just save up my random thoughts to do posts on them ;) )

It’s been a hell of a year.  And I can’t wait to keep on posting in here as I try to figure my life out just a little bit more.