Friday, July 30, 2010

She works hard for the money

Thank goodness for friends who are in appropriate positions to help me get a job.

That's right, my friends.  I am employed.  Hallelujah.

Oh, what am I doing, you ask?

Ummm... well, here's the thing.

I'm just hosting at a restaurant.

But it's money!  Money is money!

"You're graduating," I can hear you complain from here.  "Shouldn't you be looking for some kind of full-time, soul-sucking 9-5 job?"

Maybe I should.  But I can't bring myself to.

I hate the idea. Sitting at a computer that has blocked Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, and all of my favorite sites, twiddling my thumbs, and wearing horrifically uncomfortable shoes while trapped in a cubicle with virtually no human interaction.  I'd much rather pursue my writing dreams while I work in the meantime to pay the bills.

So hooray! 1 part-time gig located, 1 more to go.

I start tomorrow.  And at least it's a restaurant I'm pretty fond of.  Here's to living the American Dream, ladies and gents.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Goin' Postal

I have an awkward case of blogger's block going on, but I've always heard that you're supposed to write through that. For lack of anything better to talk about, I am going to tell you all that I suspect that any mail sent to me in the new house falls into a black hole.

I have several things that I believe I should have received at this point. I'm pretty sure I'm the only roommate who has not received any mail.

Here's what I'm pretty sure I should have by now

1) A free sample for some foot cream that I'm hoping will improve my home-done pedicure
2) A coupon from McDonald's that I'm supposed to be getting in return for a customer service issue
3) My Give Me More Stripes card from T.G.I. Friday's.

The thing I want the most?  My McD's coupon.  I have a hunch that it will mean free food.

I love free food.

Hopefully the universe will resolve itself and give me my shit because I just won this awesome giveaway and I can't wait to read the book I won.

Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ok, fine, he's cooler than me

I've been to concerts before.

But usually the concerts I've gone to have had crazy ticket sale prices, and that was to ensure that I was able to sit in a seat, where no one will bump me, push me out of the way, or drip sweat on me.

This was not the case last night.

Let me explain.

I'm sure you've all heard the song "Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner.  Well, Mr. Posner was a Sigma Nu at Duke University.  The Sigma Nus here at UCF are among my best friends, and I was lucky enough to be named their 2010 fraternity Sweetheart.  So, understandably, they've (and I have, by extension) become a little... "obsessed" isn't the right word.

But it's close.

And so, those of us who went last night allowed ourselves to be talked into wearing Sigma Nu shirts in the hope that Mike Posner would notice, talk to, and possibly even hang out with us.  One of my friends was genuinely disappointed that we did not get to meet Mike, but most of us realized that that was highly unlikely.

Despite the bitches who forcibly booty-bumped us away from our spot literally at the front of the stage, the crazy claustrophobia-inducing crowd, the sweat-box we basically found ourselves in, two of my friends wanting to fight people, and one having to leave early, it was a really fun time.

It really was a good show.  We got close enough to touch him... which... well, we did (that crowd mentality is contagious). Granted it was a $15 ticket for 3 songs, but he was upbeat, energetic and damn talented.  He pumped the crowd up, was a personable guy, and wasn't half bad to look at to boot.

If you have a chance to go see him, take it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nighttime Wanderer

I watched Stepbrothers with my roommates earlier today.

I'm not about to go into the silliness of describing the plot of the movie, but a couple times, both man-children get out of their beds in the middle of the night, begin sleepwalking, and are rather destructive.

Most nights, I sleep pretty peacefully.  I stick to one side of my bed, curl up in the fetal position, and, after the initial battle with insomnia, I drift off after an hour or two.  When I'm really exhausted, I'm told I snore and move restlessly.  It's been a little different in the new house (extra restless) which I'm chalking up to the fact that it's a new atmosphere and I have to adjust.

But once upon a time, I'm pretty sure I had a sleep-walking habit.

Why am I pretty sure of this?

Well, my freshman year, I, as you may imagine, was sleeping, and I awoke to a series of beeps while my roommate groggily asked me what I was doing.  I blinked.  And realized I was standing in front of the microwave in our dorm room, apparently trying to operate it.

The next time I cottoned on to the sleep-walking habit was later that same year, when I was home for the summer.  My family was moving into a new home and it seemed like every day we were packing up something, moving some piece of furniture for easier moving... you get the general idea.  So, it wasn't weird that I had a dream about moving that one night.

What was weird was that I woke up standing behind my dresser, which I had pushed away from the wall in my sleep.

After a confused couple of moments, I inched my way out from behind it and went back to bed.

Shortly after that I went to see a nutritionist, who, when I confessed that I had problems falling asleep and was getting up to some sleeping hijinks, asked me: "What are you so busy thinking about?"

Apparently it was my overactive brain that was the trouble.  He recommended Valerian Root, which seemed to take care of the problem, and which I still employ when the insomnia gets particularly bad.

And that was that! My nighttime wanderings were thankfully put to a stop.  While amusing... they really freaked me the eff out.

Friday, July 23, 2010

What the Hell is a Hufflepuff?

Have I ever told you guys that I'm a nerd?

I am.  A big, BIG nerd.

I'm especially nerdy when it comes to some of my favorite things.

Like Harry Potter for instance.

But I'm a sort of a secret nerd.  Sure, I have all the books, movies, and supplementary books.  I think Harry Potter Scene It nights sound like the best game night ideas possible, and I don't see anything wrong with whiling away my time while playing all the HP-related games over on  I follow (surprise) a variety of Harry Potter-related people and companies on Twitter.  And yes.  Confession time: I used to read and write fanfiction.

But I haven't been able to bring myself to dress up like the characters at any of the midnight release parties I've attended, or to spend too much money to go to Infinitus 2010.  And, though I'm dying to go, I still haven't made it to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter... which is a mere 20 minutes away.

Still, it should come as no surprise that I pretty much wasted my entire morning watching...

A Very Potter Sequel

It made the little Harry Potter nerd in me so very, very happy.  In fact, that little nerd hasn't been this happy since she discovered A Very Potter Musical.

If you like the Harry Potter fandom, musicals, laughing, and nerdy jokes, you should definitely check them out.  In order, since a couple of the jokes in the sequel reference AVPM.

And if you don't like those... well, I'm just going to try and forget that I've already told you what a nerd I am.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'd kill for a Sunday Chicken Sandwich

There are a couple of things that I'm addicted to.  One is Twitter, which I've already expressed my love and undying devotion for.

Another is Chick-fil-A.

So, of course, this leads to me following @ChickfilA on Twitter.

I, like many patrons of Chick-fil-A, have longed to eat something delicious on Sunday.  I've even gone on a Saturday so that I could reheat my delicious meal the next day.

My friends and I taunt each other with the knowledge.

"I'm so hungry."
"Yeah, me too.  Doesn't Chick-fil-A sound good?"
"Yeah! That sounds great!"
"Well, too bad.  They're closed on Sundays."

And I have literally lost count of the amount of times that I have gotten in line, been pleased with myself that I managed to go through the Drive-Thru at a time when it was virtually empty, only to realize that it was Sunday.  I'd have to wait until the next day.

(By the way, I have a theory that Chick-fil-A makes an absolute killing on Mondays.)

It's not changing anytime soon.  Their Twitter account helpfully linked me to an article that explicitly says so:

"Ad Age: Do you ever get pressure to open on Sundays?
Mr. Salyers: We've always had pressure from customers, even landlords. Truett has gotten a number of letters from mall landlords, saying, "Hey, if you open on Sundays, I'll write a big check to your favorite charity or whatever." ... But ultimately, we feel like it's a fundamental business issue to us ... and we're not tempted to open on Sunday. Ironically, a lot of people respect the fact that we put something ahead of making another dollar in life. ... They realize that there are more important things in life than just selling another chicken sandwich, or making another dollar, 
Ad Age: What do you think would happen first: a hamburger on the menu, or a Chick-fil-A opening on a Sunday?
Mr. Salyers: Definitely a hamburger on the menu. Not even close. "

Sad face, Chick-fil-A.  Sad.  Face.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

My mother told me this story the other day, and I found it exceedingly amusing.

Back in his wee years, my brother received a tool kit as a gift. He's always liked to fix and fiddle with things and was thrilled to receive it.

So thrilled that he decisively proclaimed:

"Oh, good. Tools. Now Daddy doesn't have to do all the screwin' around here."

I have a couple of childish gems of my own, but that just blew them all out of the water.

"D-I-N-O-S-A, You are a dinosaur"

I'm not exactly sure when dinosaurs became cool again. I mean sure, we all like Jurassic Park. Sure, we all enjoy the dinosaur-themed rides at Islands of Adventure based off of that very movie. But those things have been around for a while.

I feel like dinosaurs became extra cool when I wasn't paying attention. It's like the dinosaur craze is experiencing a revival. Or a renaissance, if you will.

For me and my friends, it probably started as we entered our senior year. As seniors who had been in our sorority's chapter for 4 years (longer than the majority of members at this point), we proclaimed ourselves to be the "dinosaurs" of Kappa. In fact, when we read our senior wills at the end of the year, my good friend presented every member of our pledge class with these:

We began to adore the Ke$ha song "Dinosaur," my roommate purchased dinosaur-shaped Silly Bandz (though both of these probably have something to do with the fact that my friends and I adore both Ke$ha and Silly Bandz), and we swooned over the opening of the restaurant T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney (though we've yet to actually make it there).

But I have to say that the deciding factor for me in this dinosaur craze was when I was gifted with this:

A dinosaur cookie kit.

A way to indulge my lust for all things baked and my childish side that thinks dinos are kinda cool?


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

$1.50 Cheesecake!

By the by, if any of you are Cheesecake Factory fans, be sure to "like" them on Facebook so that you can print out the Facebook fan exclusive coupon and indulge in some sweet Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake (new Cheesecake Factory creation) in all of its artery-clogging, cellulite-inducing glory next Thursday only.

You can't beat $1.50 for that kind of deliciousness.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fourth of July in review

I'm very fortunate to live and to have grown up in Florida, where the beach is never too far away. So, for the Fourth of July, a friend of mine invited us to spend the weekend at her parents' beach house. It's always been a fun time in New Smyrna beach, so of course we took her up on her offer.

At first I was afraid of the jellyfish that lined the beach, but I managed to get past that and dive into the cold, gray water. The waves were a little rough (my favorite kind) but after repeatedly feeling creatures brush past my leg, I'd had enough.

I dried off on the beach, enjoyed watching one absolutely perfect specimen of a male body run by, and then headed inside where our night of debauchery began. We played a shot game that we have dubbed: "I love you" where we all take turns receiving compliments from our friends. After a bunch of shots, one of my friends declared "It's a naked weekend!"

It was not a naked weekend. Just so we're clear.

But we left the beach house to walk down the street to JB's Fish Camp, have a few drinks there and walk back, where it suddenly seemed like a great idea to bust out the sparklers. One of my friends busted his ass in the kitchen in the midst of a toast to "Freshmen!"

I skinny-dipped with a few of my friends (although my definition was shouting at them all to turn around while I ran in the water up to my ankles, ran out, and then securely wrapped my towel back around myself). They however, frolicked around in the possibly shark-infested waters for awhile (did I mention NSB is the shark attack capital of the world?).

So, I guess the weekend was a little naked.

The next night (the actual 4th) was much tamer. We toasted a few shots to our country, played the national anthem and other patriotic favorites, danced around with sparklers, and watched fireworks on the beach.

A fun time was had by all.

College in a Nutshell: Google Search Story

So, as I so often do, I was browsing around blogs to add to my reader and I came across something I've never heard of called a Google Search Story. I thought it was an adorable idea, and, while not exactly productive, kind of fun.

Peevish Posts: A note on nicknames

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before on here, but my name is Jennifer. Or Jen. Mostly, I go by Jen.

You know what name I do not go by?


It makes me feel about five years old.

And even more importantly...

I do not go by the name Jen-nay

Here's the thing. I, like most of the rest of the world, love the movie Forrest Gump. I have seen it many, many times and enjoy it every time.

But my name is Jen. That's how I've introduced myself to you, so don't you think that's what I want to be called? You are not clever when you adopt a Forrest-like diction and drawl "Jen-nay. I'm not a smart may-uhn. But I do know what love is."

My dad gets away with it. But I also let him call me Fruitcup. He made me. He's earned that right. And honestly, he's probably the only one that makes me smile when he calls me one of those nicknames. If you, on the other hand, called me Fruitcup, I might punch you in the eye.

So people of the world, leave me and my kind: the other Jens, Jennifers, and even Jennys, alone. Don't Gumpify us. We don't fit that mold.

Wedding Season!

I've always heard that summer is Wedding Season, but I never would have known it from my usual summers. I've been to weddings before. I was even lucky enough when I was little to be the flower girl in three or four. But every wedding I've been to has been either a family member or a friend of my parents'.

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the first wedding of one of my friends-- one of my sorority sisters. And it was perfect.

(Me with the beautiful bride!)

Off to their "carriage!"

It was a small wedding, but perfect for the bride and groom. Drinks were served in Mason jars, there was a bouquet near the guest book that sat in boots, the groom's cake was a camo print. And we sent them off under a shower of sparklers as they rode off in a truck towing a boat for their honeymoon in the Keys. The reception was a blast, the venue was lovely, and the church was adorable.

I honestly don't know how anyone else's will match up.

Of course, it also helps when the couple is so obviously in love that you know they're living their own fairytale.

I can't wait for more of my friends to find their princes. And obviously, I wouldn't mind if my own rode up on his white horse one of these days. ;)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My B

My friends and I may have arrived home tonight and complained loudly about my neighbors.

Remember how I said they always have their windows open?


We heard their front door open, and basically ran inside.

We're talking to our landlord, the HOA, and a lawyer and finding out what the "legal" parking situation is. Until then... I should probably keep my voice down when discussing how they're a pain in the ass.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Parking Problems and Nosy Neighbors

I hope that my new neighbors realize exactly how tempted I am to stick their page-long letter about parking back on their door with the words: "RETURN TO SENDER" scratched across the front.

Lucky for them, I was raised to basically be polite, so I'll stick with the passive-aggressive approach and just rant about them on my blog instead.

Apparently, when my roommates were first moving in, they introduced themselves and asked to be invited to parties.

They can consider their future invitations rescinded.

First, they came to us and told us that they took issue with us parking in front of their mailbox during mail hours. That one was fair. I don't mind avoiding those spots during those times. You've gotta get your mail.

But now, they keep leaving fun little notes on my friends' cars and harassing my guests when they park. Basically, I've learned that they keep their front windows open so they're always on the look-out for "parking violations" because "as this is a quiet cul-de-sac, the extra traffic in front of our and other people's homes can be very disturbing."


Now, here is my cul-de-sac:

There's not a ton of extra parking. There are five people who live in my house. One of my roommates has a boyfriend who does not live here, and I'm sorry if we're unlike the previous tenants in that we actually have friends who visit us. The driveway fits four.

No offense, but they don't own the area in front of their house. The HOA rules (which I looked up after they harassed us for 3 days in a row) basically say that you can park anywhere along the street.

And if I want to parallel park behind my own driveway, I will even if they don't think we should because "there is simply not enough room to allow safe egress and ingress." First off, they sound unbelievably pretentious. Second of all, I"m an English major, their big words don't scare me-- I know they mean pulling in and backing out. And third, if they can't pull straight out of a driveway, I don't know who gave them a driver's license.

And oh dear, we can't forget that "it is generally impolite to park in front of other people's homes... especially in the circle (as you take valuable parking spots which are for our and your other neighbor's cars and guests)." Who decided that one? They're about to think I'm really freaking rude because sorry, but if there's available, unused parking, I'm going to use it and they'll have to get over it.

I still can't get over the page-long letter. They'll be receiving my novel about how much I dislike nosy, harassing neighbors any day now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MOVING on- a house and room salute

I feel vaguely like I'm copying Jessica Saggio, Inc. with this post, but what the hey. I just finished moving from the house where I've lived for the past two years. I owe the house and the room a tribute.

It was my little piece of heaven, though I fully admit that it (more often than not) was a great deal messier than the above photo.

Despite its heat (no blinds, thin curtains, and only a small dresser fan) and poor lighting (no overhead light), I loved it. The walls were already painted to perfectly suit my previously chosen color scheme. The closet was a walk-in, and the room connected to a jack and jill bathroom that I shared with one of my other roommates.

Here's to my house:

To the the 3 roommates that Kristin and I had before the 3rd one finally stuck (And I'm so glad she has!).
To the cultivating of my reputation as an insect warrior.
To counter conversations.
To naps downstairs to escape the upstairs heat.
To the mini-loft.
To fat-ass roomie day.
To ringing in my 21st birthday milestone: high school stereotypes, lettucemen, shenanigans, and all.
To the good times, the bad times, and the mistakes.

I'll miss it! The new house has a lot to live up to.

(How freakin' depressing, right?)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Peevish Posts: Pets are not to be used for entertainment purposes.

I feel bad for some people's animals. The ones that are forced to wear clothes. The ones that are forced to act as accessories. But most of all, and most disturbingly, THESE:

Your animals are not a fashion statement. They are not pieces of art. They are supposed to be your buddies. Your amigos. Your freakin' compadres. And what do you do? You dye them so that they look like a completely different species, basically tell them they weren't good enough, and completely demoralize them.

You disgust me.

But Happy Fourth everyone!

Book Review: Blood Ties by Kay Hooper

Blood Ties

by Kay Hooper

The Special Crimes Unit is hauled in to investigate unexplained killings that seem unrelated... at first. But as they dig a little deeper, they realized that the common thread in all of the cases is their presence in the area.

The investigation is hampered by a sniper who appears to be out to get them and as their abilities change, mediums Hollis Templeton and Diana Brisco find themselves barely able to keep up, especially when a spirit lets them know that a past case may not be quite as wrapped up as they thought...

What I liked: This review's short and sweet. A lot of the same things that I liked about Blood Sins (the previous and second book in this trilogy, which Blood Ties completes) were what I liked about this one. Familiar faces, murder mystery with some paranormal, yadda yadda.

What I didn't like: Footnotes. I understand why she thought she'd need them. There are quite a few "Bishop/Special Crimes" novels that she references, but I was so frustrated to have my reading interrupted by a freaking footnote in fiction. If J.K. Rowling can create the wonderful world of Harry Potter without using footnotes, I think the Bishop/Special Crimes fans can live without them too. Also, I was bored again. Breezed through the book in a couple hours.

So, do I rec it? Don't run out to the library for it. I liked it even less than Blood Sins. But, same goes for this one. If you want a mystery with a ton of paranormal activity goin' on, Kay Hooper's your girl.

On my personal scale of Ugh to Couldn't Put it Down, I give this book an Eh. Feel a little like I wasted my time reading it, but I didn't totally despise it either.

For reference, my rating scale:
Like it
Love it
Couldn't Put it Down

Friday, July 2, 2010

Imma Be...

Imma Be...

...Packing my house up to move
...Getting things in order for my graduation from UCF
...Studying for my Life Insurance License
...Beachin' it for the 4th of July
...Relaxing in the Carolinian Mountains
...Attending the first wedding of someone who is actually my friend as opposed to my parents'

Imma Be M.I.A. for a few days. Posts, when there are any, are gonna be sporadic for the next couple of weeks, but I've got a few scheduled. I've got a lot going on, clearly.

Catcha on the flip side.
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