My mom is one of my best friends. And inspired by Kristen over at Just Peachy, I decided to blog a couple of reasons that are just part of the reason that I love her, even if she might want to kill me for a couple of the photo-aids I’m going to post.

She lets me teach her what I have dubbed the “Sorority Pose.”

Now that I’m 21, she’ll make an Amaretto Sour with me.

(Don’t mind the weird photo effect. And look! Grandma got in on the drink too!)

She cultivated my love of reading a good book.

She’ll make funny faces with me.

She lets me steal her shoes and purses sometimes.

She taught me how to bargain shop.

She likes the same shows I do.

She’ll gossip with me.

She saves articles for me that she thinks I might find interesting.

She calls me to tell me about interesting writing news.

She always supports me.

I know that I can call her crying at 1 A.M. if I need to.

She still lets me cuddle with her.

She babies me when I’m sick.

She’s equal parts goofy and serious.

She’s funny.

She’s warm.

She’s an inspiration.

I love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!